4 Week Optimal Health


You’ve tried everything and are overwhelmed with where to turn next. You just want to feel lean, in control and confident in your own body again.

You are ready to say good bye to those cravings that you can’t seem to satisfy no matter how to eat.

You are done feeling deprived, hungry and like food is working against you.

You know your hormones aren’t working FOR you anymore and know there has to be away to age in a healthy way where you feel rested energetic and look vibrant again.


If this sounds familiar, the 6 week Optimal Health Program is for you.

This program is perfect if you are looking for a program for women over 40, a program that is sustainable and mangable and proven to work. Dr. Glenna shared her best tips from her 17 years of practicing naturopathic and functional medicine.

Hear what past participants are saying here.

12 Week Optimal Health program includes:

  • 12 Health Topics discussed in detail essential for women over 40 to understand their mind and body!

  • 12 weeks of Dr. Glenna’s favourite recipes laid our in 12 weeks of meal plans (yes we included grocery lists for you too!)

  • Worksheets and Quizes with each week to help you pinpoint the areas of your health that need your attention.

  • Dr. Glenna’s top supplements that she recommends to support her client’s health.

  • Dr. Glenna’s most effective lifestyle rountines to improve her client’s health.

  • Dr. Glenna’s learning sessions delivered to your inbox each week that you are keep after the program is over.

  • All materials are for yours to keep incase you need to take a break during the 12 weeks to work with your lifetsyle.

  • You can repeat this program as many times as you want because the materials are delivered to your inbox.