Sympathetic Overdrive and the HPA AXIS - it affects YOU!

HPA Axis is the stress response system that starts in your brain, extends to your adrenal glands and impacts pretty much every system in your body.

When you are stuck in the "ON" position you are reeving, wired, overstimulated, irritable, and on red alert. Your digestive, immune, hormonal, blood pressure, blood sugar, nervous systems respond accordingly. This is SOS- sympathetic overdrive.

Then, when your brain dials it down and isn’t telling the rest of the body you need to be on red alert then everyone comes down. Your immune system, your blood pressure, your blood sugar, your mood, your metabolism all respond. You feel exhausted and your reactions are low very low.  You are left with low adrenal function, low thyroid function, etc. because your body is trying to save energy.

When we are in constant overdrive this effects the communication that cells in our body receive such as our body fat cells, your microbiome, food cravings, and weight storage. Your immune system can be ramped up so you become sick too often or it can turn against your own cells such as autoimmune.

What can you do to heal the HPA axis?

-Remove inflammatory triggers from your diet and environment

-Nourish your body with nutrients that you need

-Hit the pause button more often so you can take care of yourself and replenish your energy instead of continuing to deplete it

-Work on getting better sleep

If you are looking for a plan that will do this for you. Optimal Health with Dr. Glenna does each of these. We discuss sleep, hormones, thyroid, and the meal plan is nutrient dense and supplies you with all the nutrients you need.

We also discuss even more advanced levels of possible treatments for adrenals, hormones, thyroid, sleep an digestion. This program is extremely high level and wholistic. 

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Glenna Calder