Dr. Glenna Calder

Nutrition, lifestyle and mindset are key to living the healthy, vibrant life you were meant for.



Both my 1:1 consults and Signature Group Program utilize the clinical experience of I gained over the past 16 years practicing Naturopathic Medicine. I have had the pleasure of helping thousands of women regain their energy, sleep better, balance their hormones, solve their digestive issues and prioritize their health. Empowering women with the tools they need to become the healthiest version of themselves by creating their greatest health. Helping women become confident and truly happy so they begin living the life they desire, is my passion.


Burned Out To Brilliant

1:1 Private Health Coaching

Are you a busy, entrepreneur and/or professional juggling family and work but struggling with overwhelm and fatigue (oh and the bloating that seems to be there no matter what you eat?) On the outside you look healthy, and seem to have it all together but on the inside you feel tired but wired and know you that you are near burn out or are there already? Let’s find out exactly what is causing your exhaustion (yes you can feel better and work on your health while running a household and your career) and digestive issues so you can wake up rested, become more energized and not have to deal with the digestive issues anymore.


4 Week Health Reset 

4 Week Clean Eating Wellness program

Support and accountability from me in an online group setting that will take you from surviving to thriving. After laying the foundations in prep week; we begin a 28 day program, packed with delicious meal plans (including grocery lists). You’ll get my most valuable tips for dealing with the fatigue, stubborn weight, poor sleep, an anxious mind and more. Imagine craving food that will boost your metabolism, help you sleep, heal your digestive issues, give you sustained energy all day long and ignite your glow. You will love the energy, support and empowerment you will experience during our time together. If you’re hungry for change, this Program is for you!


“With my guidance, support and medical expertise you will find and heal the root cause of your health concerns.”


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