Dr. Glenna Calder

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My 1:1 and Group Programs are a combination of my 15 years of clinical experience as well as practicing Naturopathic and Functional Medicine. I have had the pleasure of helping thousands of women regain their energy, sleep better, balance their hormones and lose excess weight in a sustainable way that allows them to thrive.  


1:1 Coaching with Dr. Glenna

3 Month 1:1 Private coaching

Working exclusively with Dr. Glenna 1:1, this coaching program is for women that are finally ready to dive deep into their health issues with an expert to guide and support them along the way. We will get to the root of what is causing your fatigue, insomnia, excess weight, digestives issue and hormones imbalances. This is a 3 month commitment (facilitated over Skype) that will get you on the right track with private coaching and an individualized treatment plan designed specifically for you that is manageable with your lifestyle. Are you ready to thrive? 


28 Day Slim Down with Dr. Glenna 

28 Day program

28 day Summer Slim down is a step by step group program that takes you from surviving to thriving. With 4 weeks of delicious nutrient-packed meal plans, weekly prep guides, grocery lists and my most valuable tips for dealing with the fatigue, stubborn weight, poor sleep, an anxious mind and more. Imagine craving food that will boost your metabolism, help you sleep, heal your digestive issues, give you sustained energy all day long and ignite your glow. Are you ready to feel lighter mentally and physically? If you answered YES, this program is for you. What are you waiting for?


“With guidance, support and my medical expertise you can look and feel vibrant again.”


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