Private 1:1 Coaching 

1:1, 3-month private coaching program


You are told you are "fine", and that your blood work is "normal" but you don't feel "fine".  You know that you could and should feel better. If only you had more energy, woke up refreshed every morning after a deep, restorative sleep you would be able to feel more optimistic and mentally clear. And maybe you could even get those extra pounds off too. But where to start. You have tried different diets, and tried exercise programs but you never achieved the results that were promised. Sometimes you were just too tired to, got run down or blew it on the diet side of things because you weren't seeing the results so why deprive yourself, right? I get it. We all want to see results when we are following a plan and we should see results. If you aren't something is wrong it just haven't been pinpointed yet.

This may be you. You are tired, stiff, or maybe sick too frequent deal with headaches from stress or a cause not found to date but you can get through the day, even push yourself to do more than most people. But you would love to feel really good (like you can) and reach your optimal weight. You eat pretty well, you even enjoy exercising when you have time and have a day that you feel okay. Conventional medicine has so many benefits and excels in emergencies, medicating us when needed and keeping us alive after trauma. But what about when we just don't feel well. Sometimes we aren't well but aren't sick enough to fit into a disease box so can't get the answers we need to feel vibrant and healthy. (imagine no bloating, no fatigue, amazing sleeps, no brain fog and being able to feel in control of your food choices and stress).

What if you found out why you are tired, overweight, why you can't lose weight as easy as others or have a full night's sleep and wake up rested before your alarm goes off, most often than not. And imagine if you feeling mentally clear and calm what your new norm. If you could find an approach that offered individual support until you reached your goal and felt clear on what you need to do to feel not only normal but amazingly vibrant too. If only you could work with an expert who listened and was medically trained so you could feel safe knowing the plan was researched, helped thousands of women just like you and specific for women over 35. You need a clear plan tailored exactly to you and that you can ask unlimited questions through email and regular sessions.

After 15 years of private practice I have created a 3 month program for women to go from surviving to thriving. One visit isn't going to help you long term so I want to work with you biweekly to give you the guidance, support and tools you need. I connect with my patients, I listen and I am a health detective. I love to explore the reasons why your health is limiting you. Then I create a blueprint that is individual for you based and then I support you while you follow it (we all need support and the space to ask questions) while is why you will receive 5 sessions over the 3 months. Yes 5! And will have access to me through email between sessions for any questions or when you need a little extra guidance or support. I love to coach and I see the success that happens when women are heard, supported and given the tools they need.

I work with motivated and committed women who are ready to gain control of their weight, energy, and hormones to reach their optimal health. You CAN look and feel your very best. You can feel more calm and become lighter both physically and mentally.

Let’s do this. It is YOUR time to feel amazing. To continue to give you need to be open to receiving.
— Dr. Glenna

I have helped thousands of women regain their energy, lose excess weight and begin to feel confident in their bodies again. With a science degree in Human Nutrition and 16 years practicing Naturopathic Medicine I know where to look for the answers to help women heal through their health struggles. I am dedicated to continuous learning in the topic of women's health.

I will be there along the way as a guide, support, and coach, all while helping you find your inner and outer glow.

In my 3-month, 1:1 Coaching program, we will work together to uncover the reason you are tired, anxious, carry excess weight, have bloating and struggle with quality sleep.

Here's what we'll cover:


no more deprivaton

If you want to find the why behind your symptoms and begin to address the root cause 1:1 Coaching with Dr. Glenna is for you.


gold standard testing

We will thoroughly examine your blood work to understand your whole health. I will recommend specific testing if indicated to be sure we have the answers we need.


your full potential

We will discover your main obstacles to optimal health so you  and get back on your path to enjoying all aspects of your life.


a plan to thrive

I will lay out a plan for you will begin to healing the cause of why you aren't losing weight, feeling vibrant with all the energy and mental wellbeing you desire.


individual support

You will have my full attention on your health during these 3 months! 



At the end of 3 months...

→ You will have more energy than you have in years.

→ You will have a sleep routine that will nourish your health give you a deep restorative sleep.

→ You be feel confident in your body and mind.

→ You will understand what you need to do to maintain your optimal health.

→ You will feel in control of your food choices and not feel guilty when enjoying your food.

→ Your hormones will be balanced.

→ Your bloating and discomfort will be gone.

→ You will glow from the inside-out.

What’s Included:

  • 5x 45-min health coaching sessions held over Skype. 
  • I will review of all your recent bloodwork to be sure you are in functional ranges for important health indicators and not just surviving.
  • I will develop a health plan, personalized for you, with recommendations for lifestyle, supplements, foods, stress-management and more. This plan will be evaluated continuously for 3 months by me.
  • You will have my personal commitment to provide my eyes and ears on your health and wellbeing for 3 months.
  • You will also receive: Complimentary enrolment in Optimal Health with Dr.Glenna my personal monthly clean eating program for the 3 months that we are working together (valued at over $800), with optional participation in weekly group coaching sessions.
  • You will have the option to join Dr. Glenna's online community of like-minded women for daily accountability and support.
  • You will receive a discount of 10% off all supplements from Dr. Glenna’s online dispensary.
  • You will have full email support from me for any questions that fall outside of our coaching sessions during the 3 months we are together.



$2500 in full


3 monthly payments of $1000

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Please Note: I only take on two new 1:1 clients each month. So contact me soon to avoid a long wait.

Normally I would lie down in the early evening and fall asleep quickly for a nap. Not so on this program. I have had renewed energy that sees me through to the end of the day nap free! I appreciate Dr. Glenna’s attention to detail.
— Dawn B.

I have always looked for the thing that could be my lifestyle change - and I have finally found it. I am feeling and seeing all the results I had hoped for! Thank you Dr. Glenna for your amazing work!
— Shirley M.

Don't hesitate to ask questions! I designed this program to get you lasting results and solve your health concerns once and for all. ~ Dr. Glenna