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Optimal Synergy

Clean Eating and Wellness Program with Dr. Glenna and Synergy PHYSIOPilates


Would you love more energy to get through your day?

Could your sleep (a vital component of your health) be better?

Do you eat well most of the time until cravings take over?

Are you in good health but wonder if that nagging health issue could be resolved?

Do you feel like your workouts aren’t as effective as they used to be and wonder if hormones are playing a part?

Imagine feeling like you are in control of your diet and health, feeling confident that you know what your body needs to feel your best.

Are you a “healthy” weight but would love to lose a few inches in that stubborn area?


You can look and feel your best!

Exercise, sleep and stress management are absolutely essential for good health, but our health is truly created in our kitchen. You cannot exercise your way out of a bad diet. But you can enhance your workouts and health by fuelling your body right. This becomes even more important over 40, as our hormones and metabolism can begin to decline which is accelerates without the proper nutrients in our diet. By eating whole, anti-inflammatory foods you can continue to have a healthy metabolism and hormone levels as you age. Don’t settle for just “getting by” when it comes to your energy and vitality, challenge yourself to optimize your nutrition and take advantage of the synergy you will be creating between your workouts and your nutrition. Join me and other Synergy Clients who share your goals so we can support you and hold you accountable for these 10 weeks.

What’s Included?

During this 10 week program, I take all the guess-work out for you by providing weekly meal plans, complete with grocery lists and step by step, flavour-filled recipes.

Participants enjoy an exclusive online private group environment; where you’ll receive daily support from me, as well as from your fellow program participants that are all clients of Synergy.

You’ll enjoy thought-provoking content, to help you finally eliminate the guilt you feel when you treat ourselves with your favourite foods.

My top tips for seeing transformation in all areas of your health, through motivating posts and videos.

Discussion on supplements and lifestyle techniques that are used for the most common health issues for those over 40.

As a client of SYNERGY PHYSIOPILATES you are receiving an exclusive $100 discount for my Optimal Health Clean Eating Program. Regular price is $299.00 for 10 weeks.

How will I feel?

You will have more energy than you had in years.

You will sleep deeper resulting in renewed energy, greater tissue repair and better health.

You will notice your cravings decrease within days.

You will notice your bloating decrease and your digestive system will love this program.

Your mood will lighten as you eat foods filled with amino acids that are essential to produce happy hormones, uncovering out the best version of YOU.

You will begin to crave healthy foods for snacks and these meals will be your go to, even after the program.

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What’s different about this program?

No more guilt, shame or deprivation around food.

This program is about balance, progress and NOT perfection.

You will fuel your body for health and wellbeing and add effective power foods to your diet.

No calorie counting, measuring foods, or counting carbs. Just real, while food that your body was designed for.

Support and accountability from a health practitioner every step of the way! (I am a natural problem solver and cheer leader!)


Here’s what past clients had to say:

Love it! I feel like I have been counting calories my whole adult life. This way of eating takes away that ridiculous burden, and I’m having more success than the “diets” I have tried. I have always looked for the thing that could be my lifestyle change - and I have finally found it. I’m eating yummier food than I ever have and I am feeling and seeing all the results I had hoped for! Thank you Glenna for your amazing work!!!


“Dr. Glenna's Guide to Optimal Health has exceeded my initial expectations for attaining my goals of feeling better and weight loss! Through her program and continuing support, she makes it very easy to stay on track! Dr. Glenna really takes the thinking and worrying out of weight loss as she has delicious, balanced recipes for every meal on the plan. Her meals are so tasty, I forgot at times that I was trying to lose weight! This program has also helped me to be more organized with food shopping and preparation. I am also getting more organized in the house- closets, cupboards, etc. Part of that is that I have more energy than before the program! Thanks so much, Dr. Glenna!”

~Elizabeth Gillis


“Hello Folks: Just wanted to enlighten you on this program. Awesomeness comes to mind. I am not in my twenties anymore, in fact I am 63. Weight loss was on my agenda, however, feeling good was at the top of my list, the weight loss I felt would be an added bonus...Guess What???? I accomplished both. I lost 9 lbs....5.9 inches within 4 weeks. PLUS.....I am now able to sleep throughout the night after years of interrupted sleep. Also, the piece de resistance is the delicious recipes....what I found most encouraging was the ingredients were familiar and attainable. Thank you Dr Glenna Calder. I have enjoyed this experience so much I have registered for the next month.....”


A little about me

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I'm a wife, mother to three vibrant children, and healer. My passion has always been supporting women to reach their potential in health and happiness so they can use their unique gifts to feel confident and fulfilled. I was a born cheerleader and coach and my commitment to health through balance, nutrition, and finding the root causes to health issues led me to becoming a Naturopathic Doctor. 

I have spent the past 25 years learning about what really works when it comes to women's health. I am dedicated to sharing the most effective tools with women while guiding them to use those tools to find better health. I have had the honour of working with thousands of women to move past their health struggles and become empowered when it comes to their health. We do have the ability and capacity to feel healthy and vibrant at any age.

I love helping women find their energy, recover from burnout, balance their hormones, eliminate their digestive issues and lose excess weight while becoming confident and comfortable in their bodies. Our health affects every aspect of our life. The journey to health should be empowering. My passion is sharing the tools with women so they are informed about their health to keep the journey as successful and smooth as possible.


I’m Looking Forward to Working with you Soon! Program startS September 23Rd and goes until November 30th.

(Prep week Starts Sept 16th)


What if I don’t like some of the foods or can’t have an ingredient due to an allergy?

The plan is flexible and on recipes there are suggestions for substitutions. And if you love a recipe on a particular week but don’t like another on the menu you can swap one out for another as long as the guidelines are followed you will see the results. I love then clients try new foods for the first time and many have told me they happened to like a food in these recipes that they have previously tried. The combination of flavours in these recipes is amazing. If you have an allergy DO NOT CONSUME THAT FOOD.

What if I am travelling during thE PROGRAM?

No problem, ask this question during the program and you will get a reminder of the guidelines and many suggestions for “eating out”:).

Can I get all the ingredients at my local grocery store?

Over 90% of the foods you can get in small grocery stores and the remainder can be found at the larger chain grocery stores. And if you can’t find it, post in our group and we can help you out with a substitution and often you can leave an ingredient out and the snack or meal will taste great!

What if I leave with picky eaters and I don’t want to cook 2 different suppers?

Most clients have found that their partners and families LOVE the meals and are pleasantly surprised with the complaints they hear at the dinner table.