Dr. Glenna Calder

“You can feel healthy and vibrant at any age. Let's find your glow from the inside out. ”


About Me

I'm a wife, mother to three vibrant children, and healer. My passion has always been supporting women to reach their potential in health and happiness so they can use their unique gifts to feel confident and fulfilled. I was a born cheerleader and coach and my commitment to health through balance, nutrition, and finding the root causes to health issues led me to becoming a Naturopathic Doctor. 

From a very young age I knew listening and seeing the whole person was the way to truly help other heal and thrive. This has served my clients well. I connect with them, see their whole being and can pinpoint the cause of their health issues and then create a blueprint that will guide them to become the healthiest version of them.

I have spent the past 25 years learning about what really works when it comes to women's health. I am dedicated to sharing the most effective tools with women while guiding them to use those tools to find better health. I have had the honour of working with thousands of women to move past their health struggles and become empowered when it comes to their health. We do have the ability and capacity to feel healthy and vibrant at any age.

I love helping women find their energy, recover from burnout, balance their hormones, eliminate their digestive issues and lose excess weight while becoming confident and comfortable in their bodies. Our health affects every aspect of our life. The journey to health should be empowering. My passion is sharing the tools with women to keep the journey as successful and smooth as possible.

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I create a clear path to your health & healing.