Kind Words:


Margaret Bowes

optimal health Group Program participant

This program helped give me the guidance and motivation to make better food choices when cooking for my household. I was inspired each week to prepare healthy meals and try different recipes and ingredients. Knowledge is power. Learning the role food plays in our bodies was not only interesting, but has given me confidence in deciding what is best for my body!


Love it!  I feel like I have been counting calories my whole adult life. This way of eating takes away that ridiculous burden, and I’m having more success than the “diets” I have tried. I have always looked for the thing that could be my lifestyle change - and I have finally found it. I’m eating yummier food than I ever have and I am feeling and seeing all the results I had hoped for! Thank you Glenna for your amazing work!!!
— Shirley MacLean


Connie and Brooke Morris

optimal Health participant and 1:1 Clients

Words we often use when we describe working with Dr. Glenna: Enthusiastic, encouraging, professional, creative, available, energetic, patient ....from both of us!


My doctor is amazed (as am I) in my improvement in health overall. My triglycerides were above normal... in just 7 weeks of the program they dropped 60% and were in the low-normal range. My good cholesterol also improved. I’ve lost weight, I have less inflammation and more energy. Win-win for me. I’m in my third month and this is going to be a lifestyle for me. I’m worth it!
— Sheila Cannon


Elizabeth Gillis

Optimal health participant and Private 1:1 Client.

Dr. Glenna's Guide to Optimal Health has exceeded my initial expectations for attaining my goals of feeling better and weight loss! Through her program and continuing support, she makes it very easy to stay on track! Dr. Glenna really takes the thinking and worrying out of weight loss as she has delicious, balanced recipes for every meal on the plan. Her meals are so tasty, I forgot at times that I was trying to lose weight! This program has also helped me to be more organized with food shopping and preparation. I am also getting more organized in the house- closets, cupboards, etc. Part of that is that I have more energy than before the program! Thanks so much, Dr. Glenna!



Jean Hierly

1:1 Private Client

Before I started working with Dr Glenna my ankles were swollen at night, my body ached and I was exhausted. I would crave different foods and caffeine at different times of the day. I had mood swings. I felt because I was in my 40’s I would just have to live with extra weight.  Within a very short period of time of working with Dr. Glenna, everything changed. She made the impossible POSSIBLE! The best part is this program works for my whole family. If you want to feel your best possible, join this program. Make time for your health and think about working one-on-one with Dr. Glenna. You will start to find the best person you can be!