Dr. Glenna Calder

Dedicated to helping women have better health through holistic medicine. 

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Hi! I'm Dr. Glenna

I’m a Naturopathic Doctor, online wellness coach and the creator of Optimal Health with Dr. Glenna. Through my flagship online program and private practice, I have helped thousands of women regain their energy, lose excess weight and begin to feel confident in their bodies again.  


“I love helping clients find their energy and go from surviving to thriving!”


My Story

As a wife and mother of three small children, and entrepreneur I know life can be busy and overwhelming! We all run the risk of burn-out if we don't support and nourish our body, mind and spirit.

I have personally experienced adrenal fatigue syndrome and have learned how important it is to support yourself and how optimal health is a must if you want to thrive in your relationships, families, careers and life adventures.

Health is the bridge between your passion and sharing your gifts with the world!

I love helping women find their energy, sleep well, balance their hormones, eliminate their digestive issues and reach their optimal weight and health and become empowered in their own health care. I help women become more in tune with their body and go from surviving to thriving. This is my passion.



My Programs


Optimal Health with Dr. Glenna

Optimal Health with Dr. Glenna, has transformed the lives of hundreds of women.  We dive into what foods you need to eat to shed excess fat, balance hormones, support your adrenal and thyroid glands, nourish your digestive tract and, sleep well and regain your energy. This program will ignite your glow from the inside out in a sustainable and effective way.


Elite Private Coaching with DR. Glenna

Elite Private Coaching is for women are looking to finally dive deep into their health issues with an expert. We will get to the root of what is causing your fatigue, insomnia, excess weight, digestives issue and hormones imbalances. This is a 5 month one-on-one coaching package (facilitated over skype) that will get you on the right track with support, individualized treatment and a detailed plan specifically for you. Are you ready to thrive?


The Optimal Health Cookbook features 70 delicious recipes to help transform your health! 


"I can't wait to work with you"

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